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Trusted Scaffolding Hire Provider for Battersea & Its Surrounds

Scaffolding hire is essential in so many different situations, so companies offering domestic scaffolding hire and commercial scaffolding hire need to be versatile, ready to lend their expertise to all sorts of clients launching all types of projects. On this page, we’ve listed just a few of the reasons we’re most commonly called out by Battersea clients.


Domestic Scaffolding


Property Renovations – Homeowners looking to spruce up their aging property, or savvy investors bringing a cheap “fixer-upper” into the 21st Century often require a domestic scaffolding hire structure for Battersea contractors to work their magic. Property renovation can often call for a lot of long hours, and spending them all working from a ladder is both inconvenient and unsafe. Scaffolding hire to the rescue!


Roofing – Probably the most common reason domestic scaffolding hire is required around Battersea is for roofing work. Whether it’s roof repairs or re-roofing, scaffolding will be required in many situations. It’s true that often minor roof repairs can be carried out on a ladder, but anything requiring extensive work, a fine touch and strong back, will likely see roofers calling in our scaffolding hire specialists.


Chimney Repairs – Over the years, mortar work deteriorates and chimneys become ugly and sometimes even unsafe. The last thing you want is your chimney falling off your roof, this could quite easily see your car written off or worse – somebody killed. But working on a chimney without the proper infrastructure in place can also be highly dangerous. Our domestic scaffolding hire solutions can ensure that a roofer (or you yourself if you’re particularly comfortable with DIY mortar work) can repair your chimney safely.


Extensions – Another popular job we attend to around Battersea is building a scaffold to help finish an extension. Rear extensions are all the rage at the moment, and adding a room onto a property in as sought after an area as Battersea, in which prices have surged over recent years, can land you a pretty penny when it’s time to sell up. Likewise, second-floor extensions are a great way to add space to your home, and another task that scaffolding hire is an essential part of.


Loft Conversions – When house hunters looking for a property in Battersea pay such a premium for space, it can be frustrating knowing your run-down, cobweb-filled loft is going to waste as somewhere to store things you never use or need anymore. Converting it into an extra bedroom, hobby room or study can give you the space you require without the hassle of moving home, and significantly increase the value of your property to boot.


Commercial Scaffolding


Property Maintenance – We’ve worked with many property maintenance companies in the past, providing them with a safe access solution to carry out essential repairs and the like. One of the most popular forms of scaffolding amongst these types of companies is the hanging scaffold. These are more difficult to establish than traditional structures, and rather than being built from the ground up, are attached to a building’s upper levels (hence the name). They allow workers to reach even the highest heights of Battersea’s many sky scrapers and residential/office blocks, and are therefore an utterly essential commercial scaffolding hire solution to have in our arsenal.


Listed Property Restoration – Battersea is home to many beautiful listed properties. As time goes on, many need to be restored to ensure they don’t become a hazard to visitors or lost to the ages. Commercial scaffolding hire is usually required to access the upper levels of said properties. However, not every scaffolding hire company should be trusted to work on listed buildings. They’re often fragile pre-renovation and priceless in what they contribute to the Battersea community. Our team are especially qualified to provide scaffolding hire solutions for these tasks, as we have a lot of experience in the area and have trained staff in how to safely and methodically go about erecting a structure around a listed building.


New Build Schemes – Many large construction companies choose N T Rix Scaffolding to deliver commercial scaffolding hire solutions for new build schemes, as there are few providers in Battersea who have the scale to cope with large developments. Likewise, few have the track record and reputation to be trusted with a strict deadline and stakeholders’ money. Whatever the size of your new build scheme, whether it is one single property or a few hundred, choose us as your commercial scaffolding hire provider for full peace of mind.


Whatever the reason you require scaffolding hire in Battersea, call N T Rix Scaffolding on 01304 213 960.

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