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N.T. Rix Scaffolding Capsulation

Eliminate hazards to people and the environment with shrink wrap cladding system. It's the safest, fastest and neatest encapsulation method to date. When plastic sheet cladding just isn't good enough or the risk of a detachment is too much, what do you do?


You need to protect people and the environment from the elements of the job right?  Then shrink wrap is the way forward.


Shrink wrap is a 100% recyclable polyethylene material which is wrapped around a scaffold structure and then heated to form a tight seal.  Shrink wrap is faster to apply than conventional cladding and can be applied to any shape or size structure.


This method of encapsulation greatly reduces hazards to people and the environment protecting the outside from dust, water, paint and fumes. The polyethylene material is fire retardant, meets European standards and looks much neater than plastic sheet cladding.


Traditional sheeting systems (monarflex) is designed to detach itself from the structure in high winds and in some environments this is not acceptable, shrink wrap will eliminate this potential hazard.


So what happens if the shrink wrap gets punctured?


Easy, even if the wrapping does get punctured a simple patch can be applied over the punctured area resealing the structure to its original condition. Shrink wrap has several potential uses including:


Temporary roofs & canopies


  • Containment / encapsulation for grit blasting & painting
  • Containment / encapsulation for asbestos works
  • Containment / encapsulation for demolition work
  • Containment / encapsulation for environmental works


If you've got any question or queries about shrink wrap encapsulation or just want advice then feel free to get in touch by any of the means below.  I will be more than happy to answer your questions.


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