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Working Safely on Scaffolding in Maidstone

Once we’ve designed and built your scaffolding hire solution, which is guaranteed to be solid and structurally sound, it’s down to you to ensure you use it safely. For the benefit of prospective clients around Maidstone who may never have used a domestic scaffolding or commercial scaffolding solution before, we’ve listed three handy safety tips below. Require further advice or need to book scaffolding hire with a reputable firm boasting a fantastic track record? Call N T Rix Scaffolding today on 01304 213 960.


3 Key Scaffolding Safety Tips


Site Organisation – You’re far more likely to have an accident when working on a disorganised, messy Maidstone construction site, as opposed to a clean and organised site. While a mislaid tool could constitute a tripping hazard at ground level which might result in a minor injury, at height the risks are ramped up. Falling from scaffolding, after all, can be potentially fatal. Likewise, if something that’s been carelessly misplaced were to fall from the scaffolding, someone below could be seriously hurt. Whether you’re making use of our domestic scaffolding hire or commercial scaffolding hire solutions, be sure to keep your site well managed and tidy to minimise the risk of any kind of injury or property damage, which while less serious can still prove extremely problematic, potentially putting your reputation/contract at risk.


Don’t Rush – We understand sometimes that deadlines are tight, and you need to finish a project as quickly as possible, perhaps to fulfil contractual commitments. But rushing work on one of our domestic scaffolding or commercial scaffolding structures is just asking for trouble. Working at height should be gone about in a careful and methodical manner, and we urge Maidstone clients making use of our scaffolding hire to adopt the “slow and steady wins the race” approach, valuing efficiency over pure speed. Not only does rushing a job put your life at risk, as it’s far more likely you’ll slip or stumble, but the work you carry out will likely be of a lesser quality.


Training & Development - If you run a Maidstone company that regularly makes use of domestic scaffolding or commercial scaffolding, it’s worth investing some time/money in training your team in how to safely work at height. Touch on the tips listed above, and develop an in-depth list of guidelines that govern how you want your team to work on a scaffolding hire structure. What’s more, develop a contingency plan that covers what happens should something go wrong. After all, it pays to be prepared for the worst case scenario, someone falling from the scaffolding for example


For quality and affordable scaffolding hire in Maidstone or any nearby area, call N T Rix Scaffolding on 01304 213 960.

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