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The Putney Area’s Premier Scaffolding Hire Professionals

Whether it’s your first time searching for a domestic scaffolding or commercial scaffold hire company to help you deliver a project in Putney, or you’re a seasoned veteran and looking to find a contractor who can offer a better service for less money, browsing the market for “the one” to take on can seem daunting. After all, there are many different scaffolding hire companies who promise that theirs is the best above all others. At N T Rix Scaffolding, we don’t just say we’re a market leader; our actions speak louder than words ever could. And this is why so many huge blue chip companies choose us time and time again, whether they need a relatively small scaffolding structure or something colossal, because we offer a fantastic service at competitive prices.


Below, we’ve run through a few of the top reasons why we’re seen as the “go-to” domestic scaffolding / commercial scaffolding veteran not just in Putney, but the UK as a whole. If after reading them you’re convinced we’re the scaffolding hire company for you, or you’d like a little more convincing, we urge you to give us a call on 01304 213 960.


5 Reasons to Choose N T Rix Scaffolding for Putney Projects


Exceptionally Versatile – While most scaffolding hire providers around Putney specialise in one aspect of the industry, for example domestic scaffolding or commercial scaffolding, N T Rix Scaffolding has separate divisions each of which focus on their specific line of work. As such, we take on jobs of all shapes and sizes, and even have a marine/offshore scaffolding division. This is a very niche area of scaffolding and a specialism that few can claim to hold!


Accurate Quotes & Schedules – Unfortunately, there’s a stereotype within the construction industry (not excluding the domestic scaffolding and commercial scaffolding hire sector) that contractors frequently run over budget. Whether this is due to incompetency or is intentionally done to fleece Putney consumers and companies out of their hard-earned money doesn’t matter. Neither is acceptable for us. Likewise, there’s a stereotype that contractors frequently run over their allotted time frames, often due to sheer laziness. N T Rix Scaffolding sticks to issued quotes and takes a strict approach to working within time frames, as we don’t believe in taking advantage of our clients’ confidences.


Emphasis on Quality Customer Service – We offer a “conception through to completion” service, making us a “one-stop shop” for scaffolding hire in the Putney area. From first contact to dismantling your domestic scaffolding or commercial scaffolding after you’ve finished using it, we’ll ensure that you want for nothing. Our team will be on hand to issue any advice you require, and will visit your site at the drop of a hat should you need your scaffolding to be extended, inspected or repaired in case of vandalism (for example). By being overwhelmingly committed to quality customer service, we ensure complete client satisfaction and keep our retention rate high – it’s win/win for both of us!


Unrivalled Expertise – When you operate a team as large as ours, with the aforementioned divisional structure, you have the luxury of being able to train and develop genuine experts in their respective fields. Whether it be domestic scaffolding, commercial scaffolding or more technical aspects of the industry like marine and offshore scaffolding, there are few companies that know their stuff as well as we do. After all, we’ve been in the industry for nearly three decades. This expertise is part of the reason we’ve been chosen to deliver important projects at the Olympics and Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. Clients need someone they can trust, and that’s what we offer.


Highly Competitive Prices – But reading the above you may think: “but how am I supposed to pay for all this?” At N T Rix Scaffolding, we don’t believe you should have to pay for quality, it should come as standard. That’s why our prices are engineered to be extremely competitive amongst both domestic scaffolding and commercial scaffolding hire companies around Putney. Contact us for a quote to see just how competitive!


Convinced we’re the scaffolding hire company for you? Call our team on 01304 213 960. We serve Putney and all surrounding areas.

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